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If you want to save your marriage but your spouse wants out, there is still hope. If anything works - THIS WILL. A 10 week course to save your marriage, even if your spouse wants out.

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My gut told me that I would be divorced by now. When I registered for this course a year ago, my wife had spoken with a lawyer. Even though we still lived together, she was living as if we were not married. She had repeatedly told me that we were done. My attitude towards this course was that it was cheaper than a consult with a good lawyer, I can do anything for ten weeks, and maybe I could get something to help me through the hell in which I was living. Well, here we are. To start, I am not divorced. Not even close (anymore). In fact, my wife is lying on a couch less than six feet away. While we are not reconciled, she is no longer actively thinking of divorce or even separation. We operate as a family. She and I have actually done a few things together, just the two of us. She is growing in her communication with me and in her "need" for me to hear her and to be her safe place. I see hope. More than I've seen in four years.

I went to a counselor for a year and paid a lot of money and didn't receive the help I needed. Some of it was good, but a lot I had to know and use wisdom in not doing. Also, lots of talk and nothing to come from it except time wasted. ...Marriage helper helped way more in waaaaay less time and money. And y'all we're more in tune with the situation because many of you have been there also.

Haven't been to the workshop, but went to a counselor which was a very different experience from the online course. I liked the online course because i could do it from the privacy of my home, Its approach is realistic and honest. Its helping me get to know about myself and accept my flaws and look to improve and become a better person for me. I like how it focuses on being a better person and focus on the positive. I like how you have all had your own experiences and difficulties in your marriages and share what works and what doesn't when dealing with our spouse. Its based on research and proven to work for most people. Even those whose marriages weren't saved for now because there is always hope for a turn around days, months, years from now there is still hope, but they still come out being their best for themselves and are able to use what was taught to move forward and be happy again. I love the course because it forces you to be honest with yourself even with our flaws being honest is hard, but necessary in order to accept, learn how to deal and move forward. The online course has helped me so much in a positive light and I hope one day to make it to the workshop

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