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Save My Marriage Course - One Time Payment

If you want to save your marriage but your spouse wants out, there is still hope. If anything works - THIS WILL. A 10 week course to save your marriage, even if your spouse wants out.

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My gut told me that I would be divorced by now. When I registered for this course a year ago, my wife had spoken with a lawyer. Even though we still lived together, she was living as if we were not married. She had repeatedly told me that we were done. My attitude towards this course was that it was cheaper than a consult with a good lawyer, I can do anything for ten weeks, and maybe I could get something to help me through the hell in which I was living. Well, here we are. To start, I am not divorced. Not even close (anymore). In fact, my wife is lying on a couch less than six feet away. While we are not reconciled, she is no longer actively thinking of divorce or even separation. We operate as a family. She and I have actually done a few things together, just the two of us. She is growing in her communication with me and in her "need" for me to hear her and to be her safe place. I see hope. More than I've seen in four years.

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